Flip top stand

Mobile multi-functional shop utility convertible fliptop miter saw/ sander stand (with drawer)

There are many ideas and plans for flip-top stands on the web. Looks like everyone has the luxury problem of having too many tools in their shops! I wasn't happy with having my compound miter saw and disc/ belt sander on my workbench. Not only did it take up too much space, it also produced massive quantities of dust on the bench. And with all the screws, drill bits, glue brushes etc. on the bench, it's not easy to vacuum.

What's unique about my flip top stand is that the rotating platform is lowered by 4". This ensures the bed of the miter saw is flush with the top (well, it took a little shimming). In addition, I made two small extension wings (2' x 10") that I attached via piano hinges. When cutting long stock, these wings help support the material. One of those long, dedicated miter saw benches like Norm has in his shop would be better of course, but I wouldn't be building a flip top stand to begin with if I had that much room!


The four swivel casters make it real easy to move the stand through the shop, and the drawer offers much needed storage.

Each support arm is three pieces of 3/4" oak, joined via a halflap, and then mitered. The horizontal piece is 4" wide, the total length of the arm is 14". This gives you the most support while still being hidden by the shelf when folded down. You may want to install some rubber pads on the arm, so that it doesn't slam too hard against the side of the cabinet when you lower the shelf. For the stop, I simply screwed an angled piece of aluminum to the shelf.

The picture on the left shows the unfinished cabinet. I trimmed it out with beech, added the hardware and finished it with an oil/ varnish mix. The picture on the right shows the sander on top. Look at how much space there is now on the workbench!