Book cases

First furniture! 

Here are a couple of bookcases I made for my friend Chris. This was my first real furniture project, everything else I had made previously was for use within the workshop.

Naturally, I figured out how I should have done certain things after I was done, but that's experience - that what you need, right after you needed it. They came out pretty good though.

The carcass is 3/4" (well, 11/16" to be precise...grrr..) hardwood plywood from Lowe's. They call it "blond" plywood. The stuff is okay, but the top layer comes off far too easily. The trim is poplar, with a Roman Ogee. The shelves are joined via dado's and glue, plus some coarse drywall screws through the back panel into the shelves. Not crazy about it, but it is pretty strong. The trim was simply glued, with a few brads for strength. Primer and two coats of semi-gloss enamel.


I'm still not sure whether it's easier to prime everything before assembly, or just do it afterwards.