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Thomas The Train Wall Decorations

thomas the train wall decorations
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thomas campbell
thomas campbell
Thomas Campbell is an incredible artist, producing all kinds of colorful, and intrigueing work. I saw some of his stuff during the ‘Beautiful Losers‘ exhibit at the CAC in Cinncinati. This guy paints, sculpts and takes some of the most beautiful photos. He also produced a surfing video called seedling. Haven t seen it yet but i am sure i will soon. I would love to have something of his in my collection at some point. keeping my fingers crossed that i can get the oppertunity someday.
The Family of Thomas More by Hans Holbein
The Family of Thomas More by Hans Holbein
I snuck this (flashless) picture of a favorite painting by Holbein of Thomas More's family. He was a fascinating man and was made a martyr by the Catholic Church after he was executed for refusing to recognize Henry VIII as Supreme Head of the Church of England after his split with Rome.

thomas the train wall decorations
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