How the Charlotte Hornets find themselves top of the Eastern Conference

Published 19.14 pm 10/11/ 2016

Seven games into the brand-new NBA season and we are starting to see decorations developing. In the west, the L.A. Clippers are looking very, very strong, the Golden State Warriors are establishing the signs of being the' super unit' we all expect them to be and the New Orleans Pelicans are bad- very bad.

In the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be the team to beat, the Atlanta Hawks are their customary mannequin of consistency and the Philadelphia 76 ers gaze prepared for another lottery picking in the 2017 enlist. But one anomaly lodges out when you look at the early tolerates; the Charlotte Hornets sit atop of the conference with a 6-1 record.

Yes, that's the same Hornets who lost Al Jefferson and Jeremy Lin in the summer and were tip-off to be around the 39 earns mark pass the end of the season.


So how have the Hornets managed to lead the east consideration in the early weeks? Well, often of it is down to their foes. Their one loss went to the Boston Celtics, who have themselves been one of the most underwhelming groups in the opening exchanges, but their earns have come against a number of the league's strugglers.

Milwaukee, Miami, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Indiana and Utah have amassed a collective enroll of 18-27, but the Hornets is simply subjugated what is in front of them and are really created the level expectation.


Their upcoming change of fixtures; visits to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks sandwiched between residence encounters with the Toronto Raptors and Atlanta Hawks has certainly test their ability to compete with the stronger groups in the NBA.

But, given their start with a probably weaker listing, it's only fair to be acknowledged that it has been done. Losing Jefferson, who put up 12 tiers and 6.4 comebacks per tournament, and Lin- 11.7 tiers a darknes off the bench- has been a perforate, but a few members of their listing have stepped up to the plate.


Kemba Walker, at 23.9 tiers, is averaging three more per tournament than last-place season and has obligated on an even more prominent reference in the offence with his usage rating rising by 3.8% to 30.5%. There have also been priceless scoring contributions from a number of role players.


Nicolas Batum's outlay has fallen rather- from 14.9 to 12.7- but Cody Zeller is descending practically three more points a darknes, Frank Kaminsky is up from 7.5 to 11.4 and Spencer Hawes has jump-start from 6 to 9.3. So, in truth, it's pretty simple; a mix of an easy-going start and improved scoring from a number of actors has moved the Hornets into early consideration supremacy.


Their prolonged success residues on the shoulders of Walker, but killing a career-high field goal percentage and dishing out over five expedites per tournament, he seems be prepared to take over its own responsibilities.