Welcome to the course website for Introduction to Computer Applications at the BASIS Upper School. We meet daily during elective period 8 from 3:00-3:50pm in Room B.

Here follows a description of the various pages accessible via the menu to the left.

Home page

In case it isn't obvious, this is where you're at.

Daily class activities

On these pages are recorded links to online activities, written instructions to be used in class, downloadable handouts, images we'll need to see, and the like. Sometimes follow-up material is also posted based on in-class experience. If students are ever absent, they should be sure to look here to see what they missed.

Student projects

Details of our various projects are recorded on pages organized under this one. Presently, the projects are classified according to which application produces our documents. When we start using multiple applications for a project, some branches will be combined.

Course calendar

Anticipated dues dates, potential quiz and test dates, and even vacations are recorded on the calendar. If the dog eats your communication journal, check here.

Important links

In addition to the standard Microsoft Office applications, we plan to at least sample open source alternatives such as Open Office and online web apps such as Google docs. Links to each of these as well as to other commercial office suits are collected on this page.

Contact information

Find out how to write, call, email, or otherwise contact the class on this page.