But still I am loosing my faith

(Written after a bad news week in NZ)


I am losing my faith


I never bothered with God, seeing he never bothered with me,

and I realised at an early age the Queen crapped and wasn't gold plated;

but, still, I am losing my faith.


The worlds visions, still from the heavens, but now electronic, are of the walking dead-

all eyes, bones and redundant teeth- passive landing strips for passing flies.

And bodies strewn about like discarded leaking sacks of cochineal.


Distance may sap the guilt, but we have visions of our own.

Grey haired pensioners hobbling forth to pour shoe boxes of gold

into the silver tongued mouths of accountants and lawyers,

scarlet robed men of God buggering bewildered choirboys across the altar of lust,

while with legislation and pit bulls, we savage each other by proxy.


I am told this is just a minority, and as sure as Job knew there was a God,

there are people of integrity out there.

But, still, I am losing my faith.


only on television?


Basil 1995