CAT-W Prompts

Here you'll find a listing of CATW readings for use in your Basic Writing Class. To search for a specific topic or theme, just enter a term in the "Search this site" field above. For example, if you're interested in readings about social media, then try searching with terms such as "technology," "social media," or "facebook."

These reading have been vetted by LaGuardia Community College's Basic Writing Committee. We hope to provide readings that resemble actual CUNY-sanctioned CATW prompts. We've chosen readings that are similar in style, tone, length, and content as CUNY-sanctioned readings. 

We've provided a comment field below the index of readings. We hope that you contribute. Let us know how the readings worked in your class. Tell us whether or not some amount of classroom discussion before distributing the reading is helpful. Please share your experience! 

And, of course, we encourage you to send us your CATW readings. Just attach the document in an email to Write "submission" in the subject line. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although LaGuardia Community College's Basic Writing Committee has approved these CATW readings, it must be noted that the CATW readings provided on this page are NOT sanctioned by CUNY. These CATW readings should not be considered "official." These readings are models intended for classroom practice.