The Write Foundation Overview
The goal of all levels of The Write Foundation is to teach writing structure and the writing process while covering mechanical as well as creative writing skills needed to communicate effectively.  

Sentence to Paragraph Writing Overview: Creative Writing  
Sentence to Paragraph Writing begins with the basic sentence. The lessons start with reinforcing the basic construction of a sentence in the 1st lesson to quickly developing informative sentences leading to writing the basic paragraph by the 6th  lesson. The students use the writing process of brainstorming and outlining to construct single paragraph papers with certain basic mechanical guidelines and the correct structure. For the last 7 lessons the students will develop 2-paragraph papers.

Paragraph Writing Overview: Formal Paragraph Writing (Creative writing is not forgotten but more structure and mechanical requirements are introduced and encouraged)
Paragraph Writing begins with the students writing single paragraph papers. They will write 2 single paragraph papers per lesson for the first semester learning different styles and techniques each week and practicing using the writing process. More guidelines, structure and restrictions will be incorporated, such as taking away the use of 1st  and 2nd  person in their paragraph writing. At the end of the 1st semester they will write 2, 2-paragraph papers. In the 2nd semester the students will continue writing several more 2-paragraph papers, and then spend 2 lessons writing a 3-paragraph myth followed by 2 lessons writing a 4-paragraph Tall Tale.  Last, the 5-paragraph formal essay will be introduced, dealing with 1 section per lesson. By the end of the year the students will write their own 5-paragraph formal essay.


Essay Writing Overview: Formal Essay Writing (Creative writing is not forgotten but more structure and mechanical requirements are introduced and encouraged)
Essay Writing begins with rewriting a Bible parable as a 3 paragraph story. Next is a 4 paragraph myth. After that is a 4 – 5 week review, or introduction for some, of the 5-paragraph academic or formal essay. Before Christmas the students will write 3 essays taking 2 weeks to write each one.  After Christmas break the students are introduced to how to include quotes within an essay. Next they will write a group essay to introduce them to the organized structure of 7 – 15 paragraph essays. After that they will independently write a 7 – 9 paragraph research paper, taking one step per week. The rest of the year they will work on mastering timed essays to help prepare them for college tests and entrance exams.
Grammar: Every level covers certain aspects of grammar which are applied to the student’s paragraph writing. 
Poetry: Every level deals with different types of poetry writing, encouraging students to practice grammar and writing structure through creative poetry writing.