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How can modern data management approaches and technology be used to empower workers, raise awareness and ensure that decisions align with both the strategic objectives and obligations of organizations?  

In this course, students will learn to develop Excel-based analytical tools, informational frameworks and visual interfaces for improving resource-usage and process effectiveness in support of these issues.  They will become acquainted with data acquisition, cleaning, filtering, structuring (in the form of optimization and simulation modeling) as well as prescription and practical conveyance. In doing so, students will gain the technical skills and integrated multi-application competency needed to lead cutting edge analytical projects.
The key deliverable of the DAV course is a group-developed stand-alone application catered to the on-going decision support needs of an organization (public or private) or section of the population. 

These take on a range of forms, pulling in the capabilities of multiple tools with design for use in mind.  Below are a few examples of pitches, walk-throughs and live-presentations of tools developed (also see 

Foundational Framework of Data Analytics


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