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Required Equipment

Below is a list of the minimum equipment needed for the BRRP training session.

I.          Hardware:                                                                                Est Cost.

            a. Helmet with chinstrap *                                                            $40*

            b. Knife*                                                                                     $40*

            c. One (1) locking STEEL carabiner                                            $20

            d. One (1) locking aluminum carabiner                                         $20

            e. One (1) figure “8” rappel device                                              $12

            f. One (1) pair rappel gloves                                                        $25

            g. Three (3) unlocking aluminum carabiners                                  $8/ea

            h. Seat harness                                                                            $40

            i. Whistle*

            j. Headlamp*


II.        Webbing and Cordage:

            a. 200 foot 11mm static kernmantle*                                         $275*

            b. 15 ft of 11mm kernmantle (for swiss seat)                              $8

            c. 1” tubular nylon webbing:

                        1. Thirty feet (30’) secondary anchor                            $0.25/ft

                        2. Ten feet (10’) basic chest harness                             

            d. 6mm accessory kermantle (cordage):

                        1. Three (3) nine-foot pieces (Prusik lines)                     $0.30/ft

                        2. Two (2) five-foot pieces (Hero loops)                         


Estimated Cost of Gear Required for Class                                          $145 (+ tax)


Estimated Total Cost                                                                           $555 (+ tax)


*required for field use only – not required for class.


For quicker identification, attempt to use different color webbing and cordage for each task. (e.g., Prusik lines different color than Hero loops)

The above list is the MINIMUM gear required for the BRRP and field use.  Optional gear to consider includes, but is not limited to: sewn chest harness,  sewn foot frogs or 2  eight foot pieces of 1” webbing, 15 ft of 1” webbing for swiss seat, backup anchor longer than 30’, 3-4 additional aluminum carabiners (locking or unlocking), pulley.