The Fates or Moirae


The Fates or Moirae

The Fates also called the Moirae, were 3 sisters who were in charge of the destiny of every living thing in Greece. Even though they were in charge of all LIVING things they lived in the underworld. 

Basically, they represented past,present and future. Their symbols were the moon in its different phases (the old, the new, and the full). It is also said that their symbol was the a web spinning spider. 

They are said to be the parents of Zeus and Themis. Even though Zeus was their father, he was still subject to their chooses in his destiny. 

The Fate sister with the help of Hermes are said to have created the Greek Alphabet. 

Clotho represented the present. She spun the thread of life onto her spindle. Clotho was in charge of choosing when some one would be born ,when one was born she was called upon during the last month of pregnancy (to help give life to the unborn child).

Lachesis represented the past. She measured the thread of life and determined how long ones life should be.  She also helped the dead choose their next lives by assigning them their next life (or lot). It was said that within 3 days of a child being born that Lachesis and her sisters would arrive to to decide the child's fate. 

Atropos represented the future. She choose when and how one would die by cutting the thread of life with her scissors.