Periphetes was the son of Hephaestus and Anticleia. Just like his father Periphetes was lame in one leg. He also only had one eye like a cyclops. He would roam the roads from Athens to Trozen. He would travel these roads robbing travelers, and terrorizing the villages along the way. His weapon was a large bronze club, which he used to rob travelers with. Periphetes was the guardian of enterance of the underworld located at Epidaurus. Periphetes lead the good life (well as bad guys go) until his ill fated meeting with Theseus. While Traveling to Athens to claim his spot on the throne Periphetes and Theseus crossed paths. They fought and in the end, Theseus hurled a large boulder right into Periphetes head striking him dead. Theseus picked up the bronze club and claimed it as a trophy to show all that he had slayed Periphetes.