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Capturing the Cretan Bull


The Cretan Bull was a gift from Poseidon to King Minos of Crete. This Cretan Bull is also the father of the Minotaur. The Cretan bull was a very sweet and gentle beast that is until king Minos upset Poseidon. Poseidon struck the bull driving the bull insane and then the Cretan bull ran wild through all Crete knocking down orchard walls, and destroying crops.

So it was only natural that King Eurystheus would send Hercules to capture the bull, you know with the bull being a trouble making beast and all.

Off Hercules sailed to the island of Crete. Hercules arrived at Crete, to find that the country was being terrorized by the Cretan bull. King Minos offered to help Hercules, but Hercules refused King Minos help. Which is probable a good thing, considering the fact that every time Hercules gets help he has to do another Labor to gain his redemption for his crimes.
Hercules set off to find the bull. He found the bull drinking from a water spring, and snuck up behind the bull. Grabbing the bull by the horns, Hercules wrestled the bull to the ground and tied the bull up so it could not escape.
With the bull successfully subdue, Hercules took the bull with him and sailed back to King Eurystheus. When the king saw how massive the bull was he was frightened. He told Hercules, that they should sacrifice the bull to Hera. Hera refused to take the bull saying that the sacrifice would be in Hercules honor, remember Hera HATES Hercules, and all the labors have been secretly selected by Hera to destroy Hercules. So with that Hercules picked up the bull and tossed it high into the sky and the bull became the constellation Taurus.