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Progression Magazine Review

From Progression Magazine #33: "I thought I'd gotten my fill of tense, angular, post-modern guitar/bass/drums trios after the Minutemen peaked in the 1980s. But along comes Basic Food Group to reanimate my ears with their thoughtfully jagged approach to this configuration. Guitarist Steve Boyles' arsenal of sounds extends to pretty much the, uh, basic electric food group of fuzz, wah-wah, and straight amp-tone, yet he does wonders with the possibilities. The difference between BFG and all those SST-label alt-rockers is one of musicality-afore-irony. Attitude is in abundance with this band. But one listen to their corrosively lucid music is enough to convince you that they've spent as much time woodshedding their chops as they have prodding the insides of their cheeks with their tongues. Styles range from the stop-start time signatures of the Zappa-esque "Foreboding Futures" to the hail-storm of shredded chords on "Emancipated Women in Bondage" and "A Day at the Hysterical Farm." Then there's the stirring melodicism of the extended closer, "Born Out of a Dream" whose low tones and harmonics show an interesting expansion of the band's range. A very enjoyable auspicious debut." -Larry Nai