If you have a little outdoor space, a compost tumbler makes it very easy to quickly compost a larger amount of food waste. The main way to make compost quickly is to make sure its well aerated. If the compost mixture has enough air, then the billions of composting bacteria can keep doing their work. A compost pile that's sitting on the ground takes a lot of muscle power to turn using a shovel or spade (turning is how you add air to the pile). If the food waste and carbon materials are placed inside a rotating drum, then it can be turned effortlessly and as often as needed. Faster compost! Of course, everything must be in balance; the correct amount of food waste, carbon materials (brown leaves, wood chips, sawdust, etc), water and air. Usually the tumbler is turned at least once a day.

A typical compost tumbler will have a door which allows putting in the food waste and carbon materials. Once the door is closed, there are only some small air holes. This is a nice because it easily keeps out dogs, birds, flies or other animals.

Because they're pretty compact, some of the smaller compost tumblers can even be placed on your balcony in an apartment building.

The best thing is to have two compost tumblers if possible. That way when one gets full it can finish composting while you start filling the 2nd one.

In western countries, its pretty easy to find a tumbler. Just do a google search and you'll likely find a number of companies who can supply them in different sizes and features.

In India, I know of at l
east 2 companies that sell compost tumblers. One is Daily Dump in Bangalore (www.dailydump.org). The other is Myco-Compost in Pune (koustubhyadre@yahoo.com). As you can see from the pictures, it would not be difficult to design and make your own compost tumbler using an old barrel with some metal rods and scrap wood for the support frame.