This is your first opportunity to tell people who you are.  Make it short and sweet.  Put on a picture of your store front if you are a physical store.  If you are a home based business, put a picture of product on this page. Make sure to put your brand logo on the header of the page and your own saying

Inserting a photo album has become a difficult thing if you don't know the proper steps.  First, down load your pictures into Google Photos.  Second, create your album.  Third, share your album via a link.  When on this screen, copy the link.  Fourth, go to your website, put on one picture from your album.  Then next to it you will hit insert link.  This is where you will put your link as a website.  Then you have it open in a new page.  Put in the text such as Click here to view the rest of the pictures from the album.  Then save.  This is the only way I have figured out how to share your album and not go insane in the process.  Until Google allows us to make our albums shared with the whole world we will continue to have issues putting them on our website.  This solution should save you some grey hairs.