karaoke for Linux and BSD...


Bash!Karaoke is a free karaoke player
 for GNU/Linux
and *BSD
( supported formats:
*.kar, *.wrd , *.mod, *.rcp, *.r36, *.g18, *.g36 )
speaking in English and Italian.

The goal is a karaoke player:
1) installable with really few dependencies,
2) supporting soundfonts to improve sound quality,
3) working with a simple text songs database,
4) capable of trimming on MIDI playing,
namely "levels" ( volume, pitch and tempo)
and "channels" ( for muting ).

Bash!Karaoke uses
as graphical interface
Last versions can also use a normal web browser
as interface. It includes a basic web browser that
supports fullscreen mode.

Downloads are hosted on GitHub. Just click on the
"download" link on the left to get the latest version.

Vittorio Cagnetta                                                

Davide Depau 

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