Rock Band Stompbox

pictures fixed! 

I've played Guitar Hero since it's first release and been enamored with it since. I was leery about Rock Band at first once I heard about Harmonix's decision to create it, however once I played it, I couldn't put it down. Needless to say I own my own copy.

One thing that always bothered me about the Guitar controllers for both games, is the tilt-activation for overdrive/star power. It seemed to never work for me, or worse, activate when I didn't want it to. The Rock Band's fender Strat is the worst, where mild movement from just rocking with a tune, yet for some reason wildly jostling it to get overdrive to activate wouldn't work. Of course I could always just press the back button on the Strat, but that doesn't help with the problem of the tilt-sensors fucking up, nor is it that cool. So I decided to turn a guitar (in this case, bass guitar) effects pedal into my overdrive button.

Parts were,

1 voided warranty Rock Band Guitar controller

2 1/4" Phono jacks with two leads

1 Guitar effects pedal (free from my brother)

1 1/4" Phono plug cable

Here's a close up of the two phono jacks. Just as a notice, I had to use a new phono jack on the effects pedal, because I couldn't get the old ones off the circuit board, and jury-rigging it wasn't working.

This is the gutted inside of the effects pedal, or stompbox. You'll note that there's no real button on the inside, and instead, it relies on metal wire contacting metal wire, which could bend, move, et cetera. It works for now, though is not the finished product, I just haven't had the time to get a button or circuit board to put back inside. For now!



Here's the voided warranty guitar opened. You can see at the top left of the guitar frame is the phono jack that will connect the stomp box to the back button.




Here are the two pieces that activate overdrive when you tilt it.

This is the circuit board that houses the directional buttons, start, and back buttons. You can see I've wired the guitar's phono jack to the board. One lead to Ground (GND) and the other to Back.

Close up





And finally the 'hole' I carved out of the side of the plastic with a steak knife. I know, I know.

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