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Watch the MacGyver How-to Handbook Commercial! Enjoy it's authentic 1980's Ronco feel.


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MAKE Magazine -- MacGyver always seemed like one of one of those "kids, don't try this at home" shows. Well, that was up until this spiffy book came out that includes a complete listing of every trick ever done on the show with step-by-step instructions for many of them. Checking in at under $20, you can get it for a reasonable price, and it actually makes for pretty good weekend project fodder (although disarming a missile with a paperclip is an academic exercise for most of us). Each Macgyverism includes a list of materials and a psuedo-scientific explanation of why it works, so much of it could be adapted without too much effort as a good middle school science class supplement.

If you're already looking to buy the MacGyver DVD boxed sets, then especially pick up a copy. How else can you follow along and create homemade fog or escape from pits of poisonous snakes?

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