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101 Things to Do On a Date...Besides Dinner and a Movie 

by Tamara Phillip and Adam Mitchell  (COMING SOON!)

Tired of the same old dates? Tamara and Adam provide great new date ideas and humorously analyze old favorites.    


Check out this sample entry:

1. Ice Skating

Strap on those skates!  Ice-skating makes a great date—especially near the holiday season—but fun anytime of the year.  It’s inexpensive: Jack Frost won’t be nipping at the pocketbook.  The best thing about ice-skating is the falling.  When you fall he or she helps you up and vice-versa.  This offers lots of physical contact and the chance to be really playful.  Grab your date’s hands and try to spin in a circle.  When you fall on your butts, you’ll both be laughing them off.

Apres skate, you’re ready for some hot chocolate …or some other way of warming up.

First Date?:  This is a great first date.  The best thing about ice-skating as a first date is that physical contact comes naturally.  You can easily avoid that awkward, “should I grab his hand or not?” moment by falling into his arms.

Get Out of Jail Free:  If you’re not having a good time, you have a great excuse – you twisted your ankle and need to go home because you are drowning in pain. Be careful, your date might try to take you to his home so he or she can “take a look … at your foot”

Possible Pitfalls:  Ice skating is much tougher than it looks. If you’re not athletically inclined, you may end up spending a painful evening sliding around on your ankle bones while your date does the double lutz with another partner.  DO NOT wear a spandex suit no matter what you’ve seen on TV.

Cost of Date:  Including entry and skate rental, it should be around ten dollars.  Unless of course, you want to skate at the world-famous rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City, then expect to pay around twenty dollars each.  Yikes!

Overall Date: 5 out of 5
Intimacy: 4 out of 5
Expensiveness: $$
First Date: 5 out of 5


101 Things to Do On a Date...Besides Dinner and a Movie 

by Tamara Phillip and Adam Mitchell

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