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mBase V5 released

posted May 8, 2009, 4:49 AM by Trevor Watkins   [ updated May 8, 2009, 5:30 AM ]

mBase 5 was first released in January 2008

New facilities

  1. Improved Bank Statement reconciliation introduced
  2. Email member details facility added
  3. Repetitive billing by day, week, month and year introduced
  4. Member Search facility enhanced (Flag all introduced)
  5. Communication Centre form enhanced (Layout change, Reports facility, email updates)
  6. New support for billing large conglomerates added
  7. Relationships subform replaces Organisations subform on Member form
  8. Organisation statements by relationship introduced
  9. Qualifications subform on Member form enhanced
  10. Support for statement upload for all 4 major banks
  11. Standard Cat facility automatically populates new members with standard categories
  12. Support for NQF and SAQA qualifications interface added
  13. Support for banner graphic added.
  14. Account Structure form added
  15. Membership Category Adjust facility added
  16. Two part combo box lookups enhanced
  17. Accounting budget capture process improved
  18. Error on Book Analysis report fixed (Duplicates suppressed)
  19. Redundant accounting forms removed
  20. Point of Sale process changed
To view the details of this release, go to V5 Release details.