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Student System Overview

mBase includes a complete student management system.

·         Student details such as name and address are managed in the Membership system.

·         Student financials are managed in the Billing system.

·         Student existing and future qualifications, marks, symbols and course completion status are managed in the  Qualifications and Subjects system.

·         The Examination Logistics System built around the Qualifications, Subjects and Bill item subsystems, handles:

o       exam registration, billing,

o       exam venues,

o       exam dates and times,

o       student exam timetable notification,

o       exam centre provisioning (number of papers in which subjects, number of desks, etc),

o       results capture,

o       results dissemination to students.

The following information can be recorded for a particular student:

·         all demographic information such as name, address, phone numbers, ID number, age, entrance date, etc

·         category information such as region and occupation

·         financial information such as items billed, items  paid and items outstanding

·         student relationships to other students (sister, father, etc)

·         any additional information, such as nearest railway station, special disabilities, etc

·         students’ existing qualifications, and results for each subject in that qualification

·         students’ proposed qualifications, and subject results to date

·         exams registered for, including subjects, venues and dates

The following student specific reports can be produced:

·         Student results report for subjects passed to date

·         Student results report for all subjects entered to date

·         attendance register for all students in a specific exam cycle

·         Exam registration slip, showing date time and venue for each exam registered

·         Qualification confirmation report

·         Exam centres report, showing all logistical details for each exam centre

·         Exam admission slip for each registered student, allowing entry to exam

·         Subject/venue table showing which subjects are written at which venues

·         List of students with a specific qualification

·         List of students registered for a specific subject


The Qualification subsystem records a standard name for all recognised qualifications. On the Member Qualifications subform these standardised qualifications are allocated to individual members, as appropriate.  On the Qualification Members subform all members holding a specific qualification can be viewed.

The Subject subsystem records a standard name for all recognised. Subjects are always associated with a specific qualification undertaken by a member. On the Member Subjects subform these standardised subjects and their results are allocated to qualifications of individual members, as appropriate.  On the Subject Members subform all members registered for a specific subject can be viewed.

The subjects associated with a qualification can be entered on the Qualification Subjects subform. If these subjects are obligatory, they can be ticked on this form. Obligatory subjects for a qualification will be automatically inserted for a member when that qualification is added on the Member Qualifications subform. These automatically added subjects can be viewed on the Member Subjects subform for the appropriate qualification.

Examinations are managed in the bill class and bill item subsystems.  A particular exam cycle is taken on as a bill class, eg October 2006 exams.  An examination session takes place at a specific venue at a specific time, eg Nelspruit Thursday Afternoon. The individual examination sessions are taken on as Bill items. The bill item Name identifies the session, the bill item Location identifies the venue, and the bill item Start and End dates and times identify the timing. The rest of the bill item is defined in the normal way. The subjects that may be written at a specific exam session are defined on the bill item Subjects subform.

Students are registered for subjects on the Member Qualifications and Member Subjects subforms. (If a student is registered for a qualification with obligatory subjects, those subjects are automatically added). 

Students are registered for exam sessions on the Member Billings subform. The appropriate examination cycle is selected using the class combo box. The desired venue is selected using the Exam Venue combo box. The available subjects for this student can be inspected and selected using the Subject combo box. The appropriate bill item is automatically inserted with the predefined bill item price, and the selected subject in the Notes field. Once all subjects have been registered for a session, the statement for this student can be printed and despatched.

The subjects and qualifications for which a student is registered, and the results to date, can be printed as a letter using the Member Subjects report on the Member Reports subform.

On the bill class Reports subform, an attendance register for all students in a specific exam cycle can be printed using the Member Attendance button . The Exam Centres button will produce a report showing all students per subject per venue, for logistics purposes. The Exam Slips button will produce a letter per student registered, showing the subjects, venue, date and time. The Subject/Venue Table button will produce a table showing a count of students per subject per venue. The Subject/Venue Pivot button allows this data to be analysed dynamically in a pivot table.

All the usual facilities for managing billing and payment apply to the students registered in the exam system.