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Committee & Meeting Overview

Most associations and institutes have a number of committees which control their operation. mBase allows you to define these committees, record their current membership and roles, and communicate with specific committee members.
Typically these committees will hold meetings throughout the year, for which agendas and minutes need to be prepared, usually a time consuming and tedious process.  mBase provides a unique meeting management system linked to the membership and committee systems.

Most committees will have a fairly standard agenda, which is added to as necessary. The items on the standard agenda for a committee are defined on the Committee - Agenda Items form.  Scheduled meetings of the specific committee can be added on the Committee Meetings form
For each scheduled meeting an agenda can be setup in 2 ways. The standard agenda for the committee can be selected, then extended as necessary. Alternatively, the minutes from a previous meeting can be selected and used as the basis of the agenda for the new meeting, with modifications where necessary. This meeting agenda can now be printed  or distributed by email to the members of the committee.

The attendees at a meeting can be automatically added from the committee membership, or individually added from the membership database. Attendance, apologies, late arrivals and early departures are quickly and easily recorded for the meeting. When the meeting actually takes place, for each item on the agenda the content and resolutions are keyed directly into mBase on the Meeting Items screen, in realtime during the course of the meeting if desired. Actions allocated to committee members in the meeting can be recorded.

At the end of the meeting a well-formatted set of minutes from the meeting can be printed and distributed while the committee members are still present, as well as an individualized report of actions allocated to each member. 

As the minutes of each meeting are kept on the database, they are instantly available for review or printing.