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Billing Overview

mBase has a full function Billing and Event Management facility, allowing registration of members, billing, payment, reconciliations, and all the usual event management reports such as name tags, tent folds, etc.

In mBase a “bill class” is the generic name for a “bill item” which may recur many times. For example, many associations have an annual conference. In mBase you would setup a bill class called, say, “Annual Conference” on the Bill class form. On the Bill item form you would add a particular instance of the annual conference as a bill item, say, “2009”. In subsequent years you might add Bill items under the Annual Conference bill class heading for 2010, 2011 and so on.

When you setup the bill item, you can record the standard cash book and ledger account to which payments for this bill item will be posted, as well as a narrative to accompany the ledger posting. When a payment is allocated to this bill item during ledger capture, the posting will be automatically completed using this information.

Most association-type membership fees and other billings are non-enforceable. In other words, you cannot sue for the payment. Likewise, the membership is only renewed when payment is received. Some billings are enforceable, such as the sale of a conference booking or a magazine subscription.  You can mark a bill item as "Enforceable" or "Non-enforceable".  Non-enforceable debts will be automatically removed from a member's statement after the expiry of a user specified time, normally 11 months.

Some clients may need to bill their members for certain bill items on a regular, repetitive basis, such as weekly or monthly. A Frequency can be specified for a Bill Item, choosing from Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual. The default is Once, meaning that repetitive billing will not be applied. If any other frequency is selected, a Start Date and End Date for the Bill Item must be specified. 

You can produce "Conference" labels for each person attending a conference. These labels, usually A5 size and worn on a string around the neck, show all the activities at the conference that the delegate is registered for, allowing tight access control to all events.

You can dynamically review the payments made to date by the members registered for a bill item. Buttons on this subform allow you to view just the members who have underpaid or not paid, those who are exactly paid up, and those who have overpaid. You can communicate with all members in any one of these groups using the Communicate facility.  

You can allocate a menu of costs to a bill item, to ensure consistency in charging. A typical costs menu for conference registration would have an “early bird” discounted price, the standard price, and a late registration premium price.

You can use mBase to manage examination bookings and the subjects to be written at a specific venue.

You can use mBase to prepare a program of speakers for an event such as a conference.

mBase can manage sports events such as tournaments and leagues. You can generate an optimised  round-robin draw for any tournament. This draw can be modified as necessary, then printed and distributed. As results of the contests come in, these can be captured on the Bill item Draw subform. Finally, the results of the tournament can be automatically calculated and printed, by clicking the Results Analysis button on the Attendee Reports form.

There are 41 bill class and bill item related reports available. These include a detailed financial analysis of the bill item, attendee reports, name tags, tent fold name displays, statements for the bill item, and so on. All the member bill item details can also be output to Excel for further analysis.

mBase allows bulk registration by membership category for a bill item. This is commonly used to bill all members for their annual subscriptions in just a few keystrokes, but can be used to register all the members for a specific category for any bill item.

All the member statements for a particular bill class or bill item can be generated at the touch of a button, either for printing or for automatic dispatch to each individual member via email in both snapshot and PDF format, using the Communicate button on the Bill item Payments form.