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mBase Overview

 The following problems are common to most membership environments:

·   Many member names are duplicated across multiple databases, such as the fax system, MS Outlook, committee lists, and membership lists.

·   Processing event delegates is very time consuming.

·   Billing members for subscriptions is error-prone and laborious.

·   Debt collection times are unacceptable.

·   "Unknown" bank receipts create havoc in the accounting system.

·   Setting up SMS and email communications with members and event delegates is difficult and time-consuming.

mBase manages the accounting and membership management needs of associations, institutes, clubs, and Chambers of Commerce in one, fully integrated software application.

The system seeks to satisfy all of the standard information processing requirements of such organizations in a single product, using a common interface and a common database.

The program integrates accounting, billing, membership, event, student exam and committee management features with powerful categorising and communications features. Additionally, mBase includes team and competition management for use by sports clubs and sporting codes.

Thus, by opening just one application, the membership administrator has instant access to all of a member’s personal and address details,  all their financial dealings with the organization, including outstanding amounts, the qualifications and courses they have taken, all the events they have attended, the committees they are involved in, and the meetings they have held. Additionally, the administrator can prepare emails, SMS’s, mailmerged letters, statements, labels and faxes to a single member or any group of members in a few seconds.

The facility exists to change the headings and labels in mBase to user-specified values. For example, if you dislike the use of the term "Member" used on many forms and reports throughout the system, and would prefer to use the term, say, "Client", this can be done quite simply. A unique version of mBase with the specific headings that you desire is created. You could produce an Afrikaans version of mBase, for example. Please contact Base Software for further details.

mBase is a big, sophisticated system with a simple user interface, tried and tested by real associations managing many thousands of members.