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Low Cost Internet Access

Base Software is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer very cost effective broadband access to the internet, from as little as R10 per gigabyte for local only access. 

We are offering 1gigabyte of ADSL international access for just R35. Normally most service providers would charge between R69 and R89 per gigabyte. You can also buy your bandwidth in any units you choose, eg 2gb, or 4gb or 8gb, etc, and topup as you need. 

You will get access to your own Customer Control Panel, where you can inspect your monthly usage, order additional bandwidth, and control your internet connection.  

As you will see on our pricing page, we offer a wide range of broadband options. We offer many more product combinations than those listed. Contact us for details.

We also offer a free fax-to-email service. Simply provide to us an email address, and we will give you a fax number in return. All faxes sent to this number will appear as an email in your inbox.

You can also purchase SMS credits through Base Software at just 30c per SMS. You will be registered on our SMS dispatch engine, and will be able to send SMS's to your mBase membership, or to anyone you choose, with the same ease as emails. SMS mailmerge facilities are now available in mBase V6, allowing individually tailored and addressed SMS's to be sent to any number of phones at a time.

All ADSL international bandwidth is supplied via fibre optic links on the undersea SAT3 cable and not via Satellite like some other ISP's. This gives you a FASTER surfing experience without all the latency.

Please contact Trevor Watkins on 083 4411 721 or 042 293 1405 or base37@gmail.com for further information on these new facilities.