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I, also known as Barbara Schuller aka Basenjimom, write about all things kitchen. Healthy recipes, cooking tips and tricks, latest appliance reviews - you can find all this and then some more in her website.

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Have you have already had your own kitchen furnished right now? If so, you have to do completing the appliances which can help you in doing the kitchen’s work well. As we know, there are a lot of things to be done in kitchen, such as cooking, juicing, or cleaning. Therefore, all of the equipment shopping must be completed.

Cooking tips and tricks

In my cooking tips and tricks section I show how to get the most out of your kitchen appliances and how to make your pantry supplies last longer.

BasenjiMom's Appliance Reviews


Here I hope to make your decision easier when it comes to finding a high quality product that suits your needs, whether it be for professional or personal use.

Here at reviews I make it my mission to give you the inside scoop on how different top of the line cookware lines perform. II do this in a simple manner that makes it possible for the consumer to read unbiased reviews by experts and real customers that have had experience using these products.

To make it easy for you, the reader, I have created categories that allow you to choose the product you’re interested in based off of the materials the cookware sets are made of (e.g. stainless steel cookware), or you can simply take a look at the cookware line of your choice based off of who manufactured it.


Bagged vacuum cleaners enjoy strong popularity despite heavy competition. Our experienced team has screened countless vacuum cleaners with bag tests on the internet and produced a leaderboard that relates to energy efficiency rating, noise level, range of action and many other specifics.

A vacuum cleaner without a bag is a normal vacuum cleaner that you may know so far. The difference with the traditional vacuum cleaner with bag, however, is that the vacuum cleaner without bag, manage without a dust bag. The dust and dirt is collected in a container that you can simply empty after vacuuming.

This is particularly advantageous for allergy sufferers, as there is no change of the dust bag more. You can clean the container after each use, so that the dirt and dust does not remain in the vacuum cleaner. The container can be washed out with water so that a bagless vacuum cleaner has a hygienic advantage over other equipment.

In addition to the classic toaster can be found more variants such as sandwich maker or contact grills on the market. Furthermore, there are various raclettes in different variants in the trade.

As a rule, the toasters offer space for two slices. But there are also models that are larger, in which four slices can be toasted at the same time. Large families usually use several toasters at the same time.

Today toasters are not only used for toasting bread, but are also used for thawing and keeping warm. They can be used for toast in all variants, but also for other slices of bread as well as for rolls and baguettes. In addition, most toasters are now offered with different levels of tanning, which can be adjusted individually.

Toaster Ovens

Externally, a mini-oven often resembles a microwave oven, but with which it is functionally incomparable. Like a traditional oven to install, the mini oven is mainly used for baking, but it is usually designed for smaller quantities. It can be connected to a standard power outlet and does not require high voltage, and consumes far less energy than a conventional oven.

Nevertheless, it brings with at least 1000 sometimes even more than 2000 watts a respectable performance. For this reason, one finds it in many single or small households, but not only there but increasingly often as a "second oven" in normal family households.


The toaster is a classic kitchen appliance. Its handy dimensions require little space and can be easily positioned on the countertop. Thanks to the toaster, the slices of toast are browned and heated. This should significantly improve the taste.



Bread maker is a tool developed for kitchen use. A bread maker is designed to make breads; it is a self-contained device, which combines the ingredients, squeezes the dough, and adjusts to optimal temperature. Baking manually is very time consuming process. These bread maker save time and they bake breads deliciously without destroying any nutrient substances.

In 1986, the Japanese giant Panasonic released bread maker for the very first time. Within few years, it became very popular, especially in United States, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Features of Bread Maker

Most of the bread machines have plenty of cycles or programs to select from. These cycles allow the customer to choose European-style, whole-wheat, and white breads. Some additional cycles are also available on some bread maker models that permit the user to make fine and delicious breads easily.

Food Processors

The function of a food processor is very simple. With a food processor, you have a device that can do several jobs. Many food processors can serve stirring, beating, kneading, pureeing, chopping, grating, grating, grinding or as a meat grinder. Many have additional features such as a juicer or centrifuge. The variety of application areas is therefore quite evident.

Every now and then one also discovers the attachment with which one can use the device as a pasta machine. The purpose is so very versatile, so you can save with a food processor multiple devices. Of course, this saves a lot of space in the kitchen cabinets. If you want to buy a food processor, you should already be familiar with the features and know what a food processor can and must do.

Most commercially available models also have an Ice Crush feature that allows you to crush ice. Blended with a little fruit juice, this crushed ice is a welcome refreshment during the hot summer months and will surely delight your guests at the next pool party!

Do not be surprised if you do not find any Ice Crush function with your device in the operating instructions; in some manufacturers, this is also called pulse function.

But that's not all: you can even create your own pesto with a blender made from pine nuts, basil and hard cheese. Common to all blenders in the test is a blending or comminuting function that you can use for the ingredients of your choice. You can use the blender to chop onions, chop fruit and vegetables, and even process coffee beans into powder.

The Blender is a household appliance that will make your housework much easier.

This is especially true if you often prepare soups, dressings, smoothies or shakes. The blender is ideal for all these dishes and prepares them within a few seconds.

Plenty of models are evolving with options loaf size–with 1 pound, 2 pounds and 1.5 pounds being the levels; and crust regulates, such as dark, medium, or light.

Traditionally, bread maker is a vertical rectangular shaped oven. Some bread maker types are given below.

Standard Loaf bread maker develops traditional loaves of bread, and looks like a rectangular box with no top.

To make Italian Bread or French bread, it is better to use French bread pans, which have basically perforated half-cylinders

Muffin or Brioche Pan is a continuous slightly conical shaped cups set into an elevated and rimmed baking sheet.

Popover Pan is just similar to Muffin pans and significantly they don’t differ from a Brioche Pan.

Coffee Makers

Theres nothing better than that first cup of coffee in the morning and for that you need to know how to chose the best drip coffee maker.

I have tried to track down the finest drip machines that there are for a reasonable price.

The main criteria for automatic machines should be controlling the brew and controlling the temperature.

So why do you need to spend a lot of money on an expensive machine to make your coffee? It really depends on how serious you are about the taste

of your coffee. Drip coffee machines can be had for relatively small amounts with the most basic machines available for less than $30.

But if you are serious about your coffee then you want a machine that will really let you control the brewing process. It is important to use the best and freshest grind of coffee that you can and also to ensure that the coffee is brewed at the ideal temperature where possible.

Infrared Halogen Ovens

Anything that you can cook in a conventional oven, you can also cook in a halogen oven – just faster. You can roast a chicken, turkey or beef joint, you can cook a casserole, you can air fry chicken, oven chips, you can bake bread, you can broil steaks, steam fish or cook pastry. You name it – you can cook it in a halogen oven, and you don’t need to worry about metal foil or trays either. They’re just fine.

Slow Cookers

Our Slow Cooker Reviews are on the top selling crock-pots around the web and in physical stores around the US. We test and review the products so are readers can easily pick from the vast ocean of brands. The Best slow cooker list helps you choose from the following slow cookers below, we compare price, features, costumer reviews and our own experience.

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Here I am going to talk about the best juicers that can help you in getting the best fruit juice for your beloved. As I have experienced, the conventional juicer has a lot of disadvantages. The disadvantages of the conventional juicer are the noise, the texture of the juice, the wattage, and the speed of juicing. Therefore, by the development of the technology, we can see that there is a development in the manufacturing of juicer.

The recent juicer models which is produced by the top rated manufacturers has a lot of advantages which is good for the people. The main advantage of the new juicer models is the juice extraction rate. The juice which is produced will not contain any fiber, so it will only contain the extracts of the juice. The best juicer which is preferred by the demanding home cooks is the one which is noiseless, have a high speed in juicing, low voltage, and produce the extract of the juice only.

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