This Site is designed for our LAN (local area network) gaming group. We are located in Western New York were there is no high speed internet available, other than Satellite and wireless broadband and both are a bit expensive compared to DSL and not good for gaming. Therefor any multi-player games we want to play have to be a LAN multi-player witch is getting harder every year to find. Furthermore a lot of new games even if they have LAN they are using Steam witch does not work with dial-up, so can't play any Call of Duty games past COD:WAW. Now I have Hughes Net witch is Satellite so now i can you Steam but still can not game over the internet do to the huge lag that can't be avoided with this kind of internet. Therefor we can't play internet only games and even if we could it would be a waste to have us a use a internet server when we are all in the same room on the same network. Also it can take days to even play games because you need to update them to the newest version and I can't update it during the day because satellite has a daily download limit so I have to download between 2 and 7 am when the meter is not running.

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This is the place you can keep any pictures you wish to put up on this site.


This is a web page design by a friend. This site is designed for people who want to talk about games and the hacking required to make a game or operating system work right.


This is a place that announcements for the gaming group will be posted.

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