Tara Moller, M.Sc. Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor

Link to new website: Life Transitions Counseling Services. Owned by Tara Gaffney, MS, LPC

I am stilled married to Mr. Moller, though since I am back in the US and my American credentials are in the name of Gaffney, I had to switch to go by my family name. I offer English Speaking Counseling Services to the Global Expat Community via Skype. Please click on the link to my new website to obtain my most recent contact info.

My Services


Mental Health Counseling


I offer counseling services for adolescents, adults and couples. Some themes I help my clients work through are depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, career development, academic success and self-esteem.


I offer Person Centered  Therapy which provides a safe place  for individuals to examine their situation and the emotional reaction that they are experiencing due to the situation.  Grief , for example, travels through several stages that range from denial, anger, bargaining, depression/sadness and acceptance.   A person centered counselor validates and supports the individual during the grieving process.  This approach often "allows" the person to grieve in a world that continues to "move on" even though their world has come to a halt due to their loss.


In addition, my therapeutic approach and theoretical orientation for depression, anxiety and situations where people are "stuck" in their relationships, careers or academics comes primarily from the cognitive/behavioral school.  Within a warm, empathetic and confidential environment I assist my clients:

  • Identify negative and distorted cognitions as well as repeated behaviors that are no longer working for them.  
  • Explore how their current thoughts and behaviors are preventing them from reaching their goals in their significant relationships as well as their school work or career.
  • Commit to making specific changes. 
  • Develop strategies and implement changes. 

I utilize a holistic approach; focusing on the development and nurturing of mind, body, and spirit.


Group Therapy

Groups for mothers with babies and/or young children, adolescents and individuals in personal or career crisis.  Group therapy allows individuals to learn and grow with others who are in a similar situation.  


Mindful Stress Management Course 

 In my Mindful Stress Management classes,  I teach participants  a series of basic meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and imagery exercises, all designed to help reduce and control stress.   


Groups, Courses & Workshops