"One Another" Passages

By Wally Rachford II

It has been said before that Christianity is a "one another" religion.  But, Christianity should not be a religion to us.  It should be thought of as how we live according to God's words.  We noted this morning beginning as the tower of Babel, many do not want to follow God's plan.  Sadly, many of those call themselves Christians.

Please take note of the scope of God's Word concerning a lifestyle that bears in mind God's commands, especially towards one another.

Let us begin with the negative usage of "one another" . . . 

Mankind could spend a lifetime working on the attitude needed to fulfill the aforementioned passages. Those are recorded in the Bible, among other passages, to show us that there are boundaries in relationships between mankind.  There are limits to how we can treat people with our different ways, thoughts, and words.  We need to be ever respectful of  . . . one another.  

Notice now  with me the positive aspects of the "one another" passages in the Bible . . . 

It would behoove all of us to take a look at these references, being more for "one another", as we work towards the ultimate end of going to heaven!  Let us strive to be kind, to love each other while all along keeping our judgments righteous and our grumbling private.  Now, it's your responsibility to go and be better . . . one to another!