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Hot Water Heater Thermostats

hot water heater thermostats
    water heater
  • a heater and storage tank to supply heated water
  • Water heating is a thermodynamic process using an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water are for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. In industry, both hot water and water heated to steam have many uses.
  • An appliance for supplying hot water for purposes other than space heating or pool heating.
  • A device that automatically regulates temperature, or that activates a device when the temperature reaches a certain point
  • (Thermostat) A valve, located in the cooling system of an engine, which is closed when cold and opens gradually in response to engine heating, controlling the temperature of the coolant and rate of coolant flow.
  • (thermostat) control the temperature with a thermostat
  • (thermostat) a regulator for automatically regulating temperature by starting or stopping the supply of heat
  • extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm; "a hot temper"; "a hot topic"; "a hot new book"; "a hot love affair"; "a hot argument"
  • Having a high degree of heat or a high temperature
  • (of food or drink) Prepared by heating and served without cooling
  • used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning; "hot stove"; "hot water"; "a hot August day"; "a hot stuffy room"; "she's hot and tired"; "a hot forehead"
  • characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense; "the fighting became hot and heavy"; "a hot engagement"; "a raging battle"; "the river became a raging torrent"
  • Feeling or producing an uncomfortable sensation of heat

I wantz hot H2O now plz!! 194/365 Twitter 193/365 [12.07.2009]
I wantz hot H2O now plz!! 194/365 Twitter 193/365 [12.07.2009]
I haven't had hot water, at my best guess since wednesday. Thursday and Friday I thought I just hadn't put the solar booster on for long enough on cloudy days. Nope. Booster is dead. Thermostat AND the heating element ffs! I braved a really quick shower this morning (I hadn't had one since friday morning which was tepid at best) and it was C-O-L-D to say the least. And a quick hair wash. So the beanie is on, heater is on, have started layering up the clothes and I will be stalking hot water sparky peeps tomoz. /sigh In case I haven't mentioned it before....... I HATE 2009 and want to fast fwd to 2010 NOW pls!
and THEN-- hot water everywhere.
and THEN-- hot water everywhere.
on an april morning, 2009, we came into the kitchen to find a lot of hot water everywhere. it was coming from an Ariston GL-4 point of use, n demand hot water heater which we has installed under our kitchen sink. the thermostat went haywire and i guess it overheated and burst the tank.

hot water heater thermostats
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