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1944-Game 4 of WS. WGN. Bill Slater & Don Dunphy. Cards (Brecheen) @ Browns (Jakuki)
1945-Game 1 of WS. Bill Slater & Don Dunphy  Cubs (Borowy) at Tigers (Newhouser)
1959-Gm.2 of NL Playoffs. Bob Finnegan and Tony Flynn. Milw. Braves (Burdette) at Dodgers (Drysdale)  (3)
1962-Game 2 of NLPlayoffs. COMPLETE. SF Giants (Bolin) at LA Dodgers (Williams)
1962 & '63 Memories of the KC A's. Side 1:versus the Orioles. Monte Moore calls part of the game.
                & KC scores 6 in the bottom of the 5th: Side 2, 7/15/63 v. the Yankees. Pregame inter-
                 view with Elston Howard. There is scoring in the 5th and 6th inns. Total time: one hour
1962 & ;66. Memories of the KC A's. Side1 1. 5/23/62  Here is one-time top notch KC
                  sportscaster Bruce Rice for 36:14 calling the scoring inns 5-7 between the
                  A's @ Yanks. Side 2: 8/30/66. Guest broadcaster Red Barber calls the play-
                  by-play from inns. 6-8. 35:45
1963-July 31. Pregame with Howard Cosell & Ralph Branca. "Metscasters." Mets (Craig) at Dodgers (Pete Richert)
1963-Aug.4  Pregame with Howard Cosell. Mets (Roger Craig) at Milwaukee Braves (Dan Schneider)
1963-Aug.9  WABC  Cubs (Paul Toth) at Mets (Roger Craig). An unbelievable "Hitchcock-Hickman" ending
1963-Aug.16  WCBS  Phil Rizzuto. Pregame with Marty Glickman.  Yankees (Ford) in a thriller at Chisox (Juan Pizarro)
1963-Sept.2.  Game 1 of DH. WCBS.  Yankees (Ford) at Tigers (Lary) . "Whitey's" 20th win.
1963-Sept.2   Game 2 of DH. WCBS   Yankees Stan Williams) at Tigers (Aguirre)
1963-Sept.6   Tigers (Aguirre) at Yankees (Ford)
1964-June 21  Joe Garagiola & Bob Wolff. Yankees (Bouton) at White Sox (Pizzaro).
1964-June 27. TV audio. DIZZY DEAN  & Pee Wee Reese.Tigers (McLain) at Yankees (Ford)
1964-Aug.16  TV audio  Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese call Yankees (Stottlemyre) at Orioles (Milt Pappas)
1964-Sept.5  Memories of the KC A's. "Blue Moon" Odom's 1st ML game. Butternut Bread warmup
                    interviewing Mel Allen. NYY at KC. We hear the first 4 inns. when FIFTEEN runs
                    cross the plate. George Bryson and Monte Moore
1964-Oct.4    Memories of the KC A's. 65 minutes. KC at Chisox. Selection begins with
                   the Butternut Bread Monte Moore interview with KC Mgr. Mel McGaha.The final game
1965-June 5   CBS-TV  Dizzy Dean & Pee Wee Reese call White Sox (Gary Peters) at Yankees (Mel Stottlemyre)
1965-June 26  CBS-TV Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese call the L.A.Angels (Marcelino Lopez) at Yankees (Jim Bouton)
1965-Aug.14  CBS-TV  Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese call KC A's (Talbot) at Yankees(Ford).
.1966-July 24. WCBS  Game 2 of DH. Angels (Chance) at Yankees (Hamilton)
1966-Sept.4  Memories of the KC A's. Gm.2 of DH to end of game. 63:20. Announced by Monte
                    Moore and Lynn Faris.A's at Red Sox
1967-May 14. WHN. Mickey hits career home run 500. Orioles (Barber) at Yankees (Stottlemyre)
1968-July 20. KNBR. Here is the 92nd game played by the OAKLAND Athletics after being bought by
                      Charlie Finley after another losing season in KC. The selection is incomplete because it
                      was an 11 inn. game. We offer 9. On 2 cassettes. Approx. 2.5 hours. Called by Monte Moore
                      and Al Helfer.
1969-Sept.29  WABC  The Mayor's Trophy Game. Yankees (Klimkowski)  at  Mets (Cardwell)
1973-Aug.26  KC network.  Denny Matthews & Buddy Blattner  Royals (Splittorff) at Orioles (Palmer)
1978- July 30. WMAQ. Gm. 1 of DH.  Rangers ( Comer) at Chisox ( Wood)
1990-June 10. WFAN  Pirates (Terrell) at Mets (Ojeda)
1991-Oct.2   WSB  Glavine wins #20. Braves (Glavine) at Reds (Scudder)
1993-July 22   WABC  Angels (Springer) at Yankees (Abbott)
1993-Oct.3  WSB  Braves (Glavine) beat Rockies to secure a Division tie