My life as a card collector has followed  a predictable pattern.  From ages 11 through 17 (peaking at 15), I collected avidly given my meager resources, until (sadly) I became too mature for such things.  My collection remained undisturbed in a closet surviving, with  small losses, a tornado that took the roof off our house in 1974.  In the mid 80s, when sets started appearing on every store shelf, I started the practice of collecting a set a year.  Around Thanksgiving 2000, I discovered internet trading (particularly  VCT)  and have been trading with other like-minded souls since then.

        My goals remain what they were before I became too wise for such things, i.e., to complete sets from the 50s and 60s, though I am also collecting sets up to the present.  Most of my vintage dupes are from 71 and 72, with smatterings from earlier years. 

        I am also looking to complete basketball and football collections from around 67 to 72 (and have dupes to trade from that period), though I have not continued collecting beyond those years with these sports.

        Red Sox Teams: I am collecting cards of  Red Sox players from the 1980s on.   From 1990 on, my goal is to collect a card of anyone who appeared in a regular season game for the Red Sox -- which means I am looking for cards for some pretty obscure players.  


        Clay Dalrymple:  I collect any and all cards of Clay Dalrymple.  Doesn't matter if I already have 50 of the same card.  Fitting tribute to the player who batted 1.000 in the 1969 World Series.


        Contact Info: Contact me at charlesandres51@gmail.com




 Last Updated -- 4/3/2023