Small Depth Refrigerators

small depth refrigerators
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Our pantry- refrigerator area
Our pantry- refrigerator area
And here is another genius idea from Dasha- we had small closet Laundry in this spot before the renovation. Dasha created another area for walk-in laundry and used old laundry closet for built-in refrigerator and tall pantry cabinets. And the best thing ever- the refrigerator is actually regular depth, but since the cabinets were installed aligning with it; it looks like we used expensive counter- depth refrigerator! :)
Img2009-06-19 19.29.01-s
Img2009-06-19 19.29.01-s
Pantry is tucked between the ovens and refrigerator. Reflective white floating glass on the refrigerator merges it with the kitchen - we did not want a stainless industrial monolith in our home. Instead, we got a Jenn-air white floating glass refrigerator. Instead of cabinet depth refrigerator (small), we deepened the above cabinet to match so we have full size fridge.

small depth refrigerators