OBAMA:  I promise I will not raise taxes. ROMNEY: I promise I will not raise taxes.
OBAMA:  I promise I will create jobs. ROMNEY: I promise I will create jobs.
OBAMA:  I promise I will win. ROMNEY: I promise I will win.

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Here we hope to create some digital born historical documentation using a variety of methods.
Some of these methods include:
  1. Using textual analysis to see if by close reading we can pull out info, the quality of their speeches, we see how the candidates are repeating many full sentences verbatim, keeping their message consistent.  This consistency we helps them to get the message out to their respective audiences. We also seen that Bush and Obama are much more seemingly relaxed, using anecdotes much more often.
  2. For data mining, we used Voyant Tools, Google Fusions, Microsoft Excel, to give quantitative value to the text we gathered, showing that words like America, Jobs, economy are repeated most often, as well as the use of table to show how often they visit certain gegeographic sections of the country more than others.
  3. To give all this data that we have collected a nice visual perspective, we used Voyant Tools, and word image what our data shows and links to to provide users with multimedia showing of the speeches.
  4. Using Google Fusions and Google Maps we were able to map out the presidential candidates' campaign stops, to show where the felt they needed to go to get votes needed to win the election.