Bartosz Wiland
Assistant professor of linguistics at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Research interests: Nanosyntax, comparative syntax and morphology (especially Western Slavic and Italian)

Mailing address:
Faculty of English, Department of English-Polish Comparative Linguistics, 
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań,
al. Niepodległości 4, 61-874 Poznań, Poland

Phone: (+48) 61 8293 522 
Email: bartek [at]

(On sabbatical in the Winter 2017/18 semester)

Young Academy of Europe(2015-).
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Online papers:

Recent talks (selected):

  • "The structure of Polish and Russian wh-words; Consequences for a theory of complementizers." 47th Poznań Linguistic Meeting, Sept 2017.
  • "The spell out algorithm and the third type of last-resort movement: Deriving portmanteau morphology in Slavic verb stems." Colloquium talk at Humboldt University, Berlin, May 2017
  • "Morphemes as fseq zones. Illustration of the theory on the example of Slavic L>T>N participles.Workshop on Advances in Minimalism and the Structure of Slavic Languages, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, Dec 2016
  • "Remnant movement and anti-freezing in Polish OVS sentences (and elsewhere)." Kraków Syntax Lab, October 2016
  • "What English idioms teach us about Slavic verb morphology." Syn & Sin Meeting, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, May 2016
  • "Semelfactives are bigger than degree achievements by THAT much" (with Lucie Taraldsen Medova), FASL 23, UC Berkeley, May 2014
  • "Universal functional sequence: the symmetric syntax of Slavic prefixes and Japanese complex verbs.Colloquium talk at University of Potsdam, June 2012

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