Our First Place

We've since moved so my bio is a bit outdated. Pictures of our new place coming soon!


Our first place was a 1 Bed/1 Bath apartment. 

  Living Room



 Some paintings I did to dress up the room. 



The Fireplace Mantle with another painting by yours truly. 



 Dining Room

 This was my major DIY project. I bought the chairs for $20 from my grandpa's garage sale and later found out that he made them in 1954! Definitely keeping them forever! They used to be white with blue upholstry and I sanded/painted and re-uphostered them. I wish I had before pictures! I got the table for free (it was an ugly yellow color) and painted it black to match and vua-lah! Dining set on the cheap!




 Yep, small/ugly but functional.  I do like our countertops though, they used to be laminate but they were painted over with Epoxy paint (same stuff used for garage floors) and they are amazingly durable.




The Bathroom 

 For an apartment, this bathroom is a pretty decent size.  Through the closet doors are our washer/dryer.


The sand in this vase is our "communion sand." Since we had an outdoor wedding, we didn't want to take a chance that candles could burn out. It was also fitting since DH proposed to me in a  lighthouse... 





 MIL gave us these faux leather boxes and I love them! They are perfect for storage. I use these for Q-tips, Cotton Balls, and Misc. Toiletries - no more looking at clutter!


 Master Bedroom

 Ta-da! Ok it could really use some more decorative elements, but we're getting there! My mom and I made the reversible duvet cover and suede pillow (DH picked out the fabric!) and I painted the art piece above our bed. 




The huge art piece moved to a new spot. I added framed mirrors, lamps and new camel colored pillows (made by mom and I). The "JOY" is a Christmas decoration.