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April 2012

April 2012 Meeting Notes

Anticipating a large crowd for our special April program, this month's meeting was held in the meeting room of the east side Arvest Bank.  Internationally acclaimed story teller, Lynn Moroney, of Oklahoma City, presented a fascinating and entertaining program on Native American Star Lore and Sky Stories.  Following the program, rather than conducting a business meeting, the audience moved outside for informal stargazing.

Business Meeting

Because of the special program, followed by outside stargazing, there was no business meeting this month.  The Treasurer's report for March appears below.

Treasurer's Report March 2012

Beginning Balance - 3/1/12:                         $1426.96

Dues Income:

New Membership - Jennifer Walker                  $20.00


SunFest registration/booth fee, 3/5/12              $30.00

OK SOS Charitable Registration fee, 3/7/12      $15.00

Ending Balance - 3/31/12                             $1401.96

The registration of BAS has been filed in the office of the Secretary of State as provided by the Oklahoma Solicitation of Charitable Contributions Act and will expire on March 9, 2013.

Native American Star Lore and Sky Stories by Lynn Moroney

Internationally recognized storyteller, Lynn Moroney, presented a wonderful performance of Native American night sky stories.  These stories included "The Thunder Twins", "How the Sun and Moon Got in the Sky", "The Seven Dancing Brothers", and "The Star Husband".  Not only did Lynn draw the audience into these fascinating and timeless stories with her delightful performance, she also connected them with modern astronomy and a larger world view.

In addition to recording three CDs (The Feather Moon, Tales of the Sun and Moon, and The Star Husband) Moroney has authored four children's books: Baby Rattlesnake (1989), Elinda Who Danced in the Sky (1990), The Boy Who Loved Bears (1992), and Moontellers: Myths of the Moon From Around the World (1995). She  has performed in settings that range from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco.  She has conducted workshops for NASA Outreach, the Lunar and Planetary Institute, the International Planetarium Society, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.  She recently worked with Blackfeet and Crow elders to preserve many native stories for a science-teaching project in conjunction with the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Lynn's performance captivated the audience's attention and kept them engaged in the myth's and mysteries of indigenous peoples.

Next Meeting

Monday, May 7, in the Bartlesville Public Library Meeting Room.  Arden Strycker will present "Telescope Collimation".   For more information, see the meeting announcement on our website home page at <> .

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