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Previz Storyboard script
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The storyboard script came into existence after a post by tin2tin at blenderartists asking about blender's storyboarding capabilities. Robert J. Tiess and myself independently did some work on it and I integrated Robert's efforts with mine. Later on Gabriel Beloin's work on a camera sequencer script was pointed out to me. This was a great script so I integrated the storyboard script into it. Later on more features and bugfixes were added to it.

The script is available for download. It's written for blender 2.43 You can contact me in this thread at blenderartists or e-mail me. With the latest release also comes some badly needed documentation.

With version 0.30 of the script the html output has finally been improved. Any feedback on it is more than welcome.

Note: The current version (0.30) of the script should be stable on blender 2.43. However, since this is a new version of the script there might be a lot of bugs in it that aren't found yet. If you come across one, please notify me of it. I'd also like some feedback on the features; what is handy, what isn't, what are you missing?