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November 15th
Just a quick message to say that I'm still alive. The reason why this site is hardly ever updated is that most of the scripts I write are short ones in reply to questions asked at BlenderArtists, which I don't feel are really worth posting here.


May 21st
The documentation of the previz/storyboard script is finished. Check it out for yourself. All comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

March 26th
Not a lot of news has been posted, but I've been keeping busy with scripting. The latest work I've done is the long-due upgrade of the previz/storyboard script. The new html-output requested a humble celebration in my opinion, so as of today the most recent version is version 0.30, skipping two version numbers.


June 20th
A new section was added. It is for the hotspots script, which makes use of the spacehandler system in blender. Try it for yourself.

June 19th
The new storyboard script is released. It's version 0.26 and it should be stable. You can find it here.

June 7th
After working some more on the new version of the Previz Storyboard script, I've encountered a new bug. I'm not really sure though whether it's just my computer, or if it's a real bug. It would be very nice if you could help me out by testing two versions of the script. You can find them on this page (edit: removed files).

June 6th
The website is up and running. Since I needed some free online space I figured giving "google spaces" a try wouldn't hurt and it turned out to be better than I had expected.

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