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Domical Vault script

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Miscellaneous scripts



If you've got any questions, suggestions, requests or anything else regarding these scripts don't hesitate to contact me.

Change ortho[.blend]

This .blend file shows a set-up to easily animate the scale of an orthographic camera. Normally you would do this using ipo-curves, but so far a scale ipo is non-existent in blender.

Autorotate [.py]

This script with interface creates the ipo curves to rotate an object on its 3 axes. It also calculates how many frames it takes for the object to reach its starting position again. In short: it allows you to create a continuous animation of a rotating object.

FPS camera [.py]

Move your camera with the controls you normally use in a first person shooter. More information on how to use it can be found in this post.

Material to layer [.py]

Automatically sort objects by their material to different unused layers. Note: this script won't show up in the python menu and doesn't have a graphical interface. Just load the text into blender's text editor and run it once by pressing alt+p

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