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This script is being created for a project I'm cooperating in. It adds buttons to the 3D view, which is easy when you're for example working in full screen mode (Shift + space).

To get this working in any blend file, download this zip-file and this .py file.
The following instructions look like they are long and difficult, but it actually takes less than 2 minutes to get it working. And with these instructions it should be easy as well.

Now unpack the zip-file and put the hotspots folder you get inside your scripts folder. It is located at: ***/.blender/scripts
*** = the basic blender folder where you installed blender

 The file should also be put in you scripts folder (but not inside the hotspots folder). Here is an image of what you should have now. Note: this is a screenshot on windows, but it should also work on other operating sytems.

Now start blender. If you have several versions of blender on your computer start the one in whose folder you put the script.

Go to the scripts window and select the hotspots script in the Add category.

Go to the 3D view to which you wish to add the hotspot buttons. Select view, space handler scripts, and select both and

The hot buttons should be working now. You can check it by clicking on it. It is the one at the top-left corner.

Remember that for the materials button you need to have a mesh selected, and at least one material in your blend file. When this is the case a popup will appear where you can select a new material for the currently selected object. The current material is marked by a dash.

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