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Sketchfab exporter


You can download the Add-On (version 1.1.0) here: <python file>

Not certain what to do with this file? Read the information on installing Add-Ons.
In the Add-Ons panel it will show up as Export: Sketchfab export.

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Sketchfab is a website on which you view your models in 3d, without needing any plugins. This add-on lets you upload your models with one click to Sketchfab.
The video below shows a quick overview of how to use the sketchfab exporter and what you can do with it. Watch it at fullscreen in HD for the details.




By default only selected objects are exported. Change this to 'All' to export all objects in the current scene.
By default all lamps are exported. If no lamps are exported, Sketchfab will use its own lighting setup.
Automatically generate a thumbnail. The thumbnail is generated by making an OpenGL render of the viewport, using the default camera.


Give a title to your model (optional). By default the filename of the .blend file is used.
Give a description of your model (optional). This may include html.
List of space separated tags (optional).

Api Key
This is unique to each Sketchfab account. It is available on your dashboard at the Sketchfab website (see image below). You only need to enter this token once. It will be saved in your presets and retrieved any time you use the add-on again.

Explanation of where to find the Api Key
(click image to enlarge)

More information

There is a support thread for this script at BlenderArtists.
For more information on Sketchfab, visit the official site.