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Motion Trail


You can download the Add-On (version 3.1.1) here: <python file>

Not certain what to do with this file? Read the information on installing Add-Ons.
In the Add-Ons panel it will show up as Animation: Motion Trail.

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The video below shows how to use Motion Trail 3 and what you can do with it. Watch it at fullscreen in HD for the details.

A video of Motion Trail 2, showing some of the basic functionality can be seen here.

How to use

The add-on uses the same hotkeys as the ones used at other places in Blender. By default this means the right-mouse button to select and G-key to move. Press the left-mouse button to confirm the movement or Escape-key to cancel. If you have changed your settings (e.g. left-mouse selection instead of right-mouse), the add-on will notice the changes and use your custom user preferences.

There are 3 modes in the add-on: Location, Speed and Timing.
  • Location: select a keyframe or handle and move it to change the location data of the object's animation path. Moving a frame automatically inserts a keyframe at that position.
  • Speed: select and move a timebead to change the speed-in or speed-out of the associated keyframe.
  • Timing: select and move a single keyframe to change the location of that keyframe on the timeline. Selecting and dragging a timebead moves all keyframes (except from the first and last one) on the timeline.
The Speed and Timing mode don't change the location of the object , only the speed. This holds true as long as the handles in the graph-editor don't overlap.

The motion trail can display different colours. Most interesting are the speed and acceleration gradients.
Speed: blue is slow, red is fast
Acceleration: green is positive, yellow is no acceleration, red is negative acceleration.
Note: the colours are relative. So each is speed gradient contains both 100% blue and 100% red.
Warning: At the start and end frames the gradients might be slightly off.


Special thanks go to the following people for helping me to test Motion Trail 3.

Joe Daniels (
Wayne Dixon (
Gottfried Hoffman (
Daniel Martinez Lara (
Ben Unguren (

More information

There is a support thread for this script on BlenderArtists.
Bug tracker and wiki page.