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Icon Display

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How to use

This script helps with finding out which icons are available in Blender. After enabling the Add-On the icons can be viewed in 2 different locations: the Text Editor and the Python Console.
Text Editor
The icons are displayed in a panel inside the properties window (Ctrl+F). By default a scroller is displayed, but by clicking the little triangle before the scrolling index, the panel expands and all available icons are shown simultaneously.
Python Console
Only the scroller is availabe. It is displayed after enabling it in the console menu (Show System Icons).
If you click an icon, its name is copied to your system's clipboard.

More information

Bug tracker and wiki page.


Here is a direct link to the <python file>.
Not certain what to do with this file? Read the information on installing Add-Ons.
In the Add-Ons panel it will show up as Development: Icons.