Below you will find a list of some of the scripts I've written for Blender.
Click on the images for more information.


Warning: further development will happen in the LoopTools add-on.

Bridge two, or loft several, loops of vertices.
Version for Blender 2.56a: 1.4.5
Latest version:                 1.4.7

<direct download 1.4.5>    <direct download 1.4.7>


Extends Blender's native make-face functionality .
Latest version: 1.4.0

<direct download>

Icon Display

Display all icons.
Latest version: 1.5.1

<direct download>

Index Visualizer

Display the indices of vertices, edges and faces in the 3d-view.
Latest version: 2.6.7

<direct download>


Bridge, Circle, Curve, Flatten, Loft, Relax and Space
Latest version: 4.0.1

<direct download>

Motion Trail

Display and edit motion trails in the 3d-view
Latest version: 3.1.1

<direct download>

Sketchfab exporter

Upload your models to the web for 3d viewing
Latest version: 1.1.0

<direct download>

Texture Paint Plus

Consolidate images, draw straight lines, and many other
tools and hotkeys to improve workflow speed
Latest version: 1.24

<direct download>