You can download the latest version (4.2) of the add-on here: <python file>
Please note that you need a recent build of Blender, revision 46803 or later. Blender 2.63(a) is not sufficient.

Not certain what to do with this file? Read the information on installing Add-Ons.
In the Add-Ons panel it will show up as Mesh: LoopTools.

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The LoopTools add-on is a script containing a collection of tools to aid mesh modelling in Blender. You can get a short overview of the capabilities by watching the video below (watch on vimeo for a larger version). I also recommend reading the tool specific information of the tool you're interested in. Especially for the Gstretch tool, as an overview of it is not included in the video below.

General information

After installing and enabling the add-on, you can access the tools in different ways. Choose whatever fits your workflow best. Note that the tools will only be available while you're in edit-mode.
  • Specials menu (W-key by default) and choose the LoopTools entry where all tools are grouped together.
  • LoopTools panel at the bottom of the toolbar (T-key).
After selecting the tool you need, there will be various parameters you can change. The parameters will show up at the usual places for all operators in Blender: at the bottom of the toolbar. You can also access them by pressing F6. In combination with the specials-menu this allows you to use LoopTools in fullscreen mode, without the need for having any additional panels visible.

One advantage of accessing the tools in the toolbar, is that you can view and change the settings before running the tool. You can see an example of this in the image on the right. If you already know what you need, this can save time and speed up your workflow.

Two other things that will speed up your workflow are the storing of tool settings, and the LoopTools cache. Whenever you change a setting, for example the Interpolation type of the Curve tool, it will still be changed when you use the tool 2 minutes (or 2 hours) later. It doesn't matter in where you change the setting. Whether it is in the F6 menu, in the toolbar before running the tool, or at the bottom of the toolbar making adjustments after running the tool, the script takes care of keeping track of everything.

The LoopTools cache is where the script stores information that takes relatively long to calculate. That way, the next time you use the tool, the information can simple be retrieved from the cache, instead of having to be recalculated. For normal use, you don't need to worry about it , just enjoy the speed up it provides.

Tool specific information

Click one of the links below to read more information on a specific tool, including an explanation of each setting.

More information

If you have a feature request, want to ask a question, report a bug, or just have any other kind of feedback on this add-on, you can do so at this support thread at BlenderArtists.
There is also an official bug tracker.