Official Sites

Blender                                The official blender website
Blender python api                Reference guide for python in blender
Python scripts catalog           Well maintained list with functioning python scripts
Python                                 The official python website

Community Sites

Blender Artists                      The main forums on blender
BlenderNation                       All blender news on one site
CGTAlk                                High level, digital arts forum

Personal Sites

Juan Pablo Bouza                  Rigger and creator of BlenRig
Matt Ebb                              Blender coder and artist with many interesting projects
Andy Goralczyk                     Stunning artwork and animation
Raúl Fernández Hernández    Amazing coder who brought things like volumetrics to blender
Robert J. Tiess                    Very good blender artwork
Dolf J. Veenvliet                   Artist and coder