Bridge script
On this website you can find my Python scripts for Blender along with additional information on them.
For updates and news visit my blog (very few updates) or follow me on twitter (updated frequently).
Hopefully the scripts can be of use to you and if you like them, please consider making a donation.

If you have questions about any of my scripts, you can always contact me and I'll try to respond quickly.

Of course you can also contact me if you want to hire an experienced Blender add-on developer. I have over 8 years
of experience with Blender, of which the biggest part was spent writing scripts. I closely follow big changes in the
development of Blender (e.g. the change of architecture in 2.5 and the introduction of BMesh) and I have a good
understanding of the current possibilities and limitations of scripts in Blender. You can see some examples of what
is possible by browsing the scripts on the left.

Yours friendly,