Barthélemy CAGNEAU


  • Research: Laboratoire d'ingénierie des systèmes de Versailles, LISV, since 2009
  • Teaching: Department of Physics, UVSQ, since 2009
  • Post doctoral position: Haptic control for micro-manipulation, ISIR / UPMC

  • HDR: Interactions and instrumentation, applications to microrobotics, 2017, LISV / UVSQ
  • PhD: Force control applied to surgical robotics, 2008, ISIR / UPMC
  • MSc: Master of engineering science, 2005, ranked 2d / 41, UPMC
  • BSc: Mechanical engineering, 2003, UPMC / EPM

Research interests:

I am working in the ISA team with activities in the field of robotics. I am mainly interested in the control of systems dedicated to micro- and nanoscales. I contribute to the development of sensors and actuators suitable for these scales. In that scope, the interactions of the system with its environment (a human or the target) are of primary interest for these research activities.
  • One of my projects is the modeling and the integration of  polymers with both sensing and actuation capabilities. More information can be found here. Several applications are then possible at different scales (novel tools in micro-robotics or artificial skin in humanoid robotics). This work is jointly made with our partnersLPPI and IEMN.
  • More recently, my activities are closely linked to the development of robotics systems dedicated to biological applications. This project was granted by Université Paris-Saclay with our partners Institut de la Vision and ISIR. The main objective is to better integrate robotics systems into labs. The system must be as transparent as possible for the user (it deals with user interactions, control and supervising).